one to one yoga therapy

One to one Yoga Therapy offers you a chance to have your individual health needs assessed and treated through the perspective of the yoga tradition. After the initial assessment, I advise on therapeutic interventions tailored to your needs. These include specific stretches and poses, breathwork, relaxation, yoga nidra, meditation and other techniques.      
Sometimes just a few sessions of Yoga Therapy are needed to give you tools and techniques to manage your health condition in a new way.     

If you are new to yoga, a one to one session can help you become familiar with some suitable stretches/breathwork etc before possibly attendi the class.                                   

I am able to meet with people in my home (in BoA). Day time appointments are regularly available, as well as some weekend and evening appointments.

I am keen to make yoga accessible to all, and so the initial session is £20, and subsequent sessions are £10.

Working with Helen is enjoyable, enabling and uplifting; her approach to yoga has given me a sense of hope that there is something I can do to help my symptoms, and I have a much kinder relationship towards them and my body

Helen's recommendations were invaluable and she is very peaceful and caring, but imparts good sound wisdom.